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Pro bono Litigant intake registration form

Pro Bono Applicant (Please indicate whether you will be the claimant or respondent)
Opposing Party (Circle One: Respondent/ Claimant)
Opposing Counsel (If known)
Brief Summary of Claim:
  • Financial Information
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  • Statement Of Truth
    I believe that the facts stated in this intake form are true, the particulars attached to this form (if any) are true, and my current financial situation does not permit me to afford a lawyer. If at any time my current financial situation changes, I will inform the Pro Bono Programme Leader.
  • I accept and agree that none of the DIFC Courts, the Registrar, the Deputy Registrar, the Pro Bono Programme Leader and/or any other employee of the DIFC Courts, shall be liable to any party howsoever for any act or omission in connection with any pro bono matter, save where the act or omission is shown by the party to constitute conscious and deliberate wrongdoing committed by the body or person alleged to be liable.